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Effort more important than concentration, which was less important in the first part, I would think."

"That was what your professor said to me as well."

"He said my training and experience in the military was quite valuable, and he also said we couldn't have any mistakes if we want to do well in the field, or become professional soldiers. When I looked at his words he was right; I needed to understand a bit more so I can do better for my country."

"You're doing great, your ability is growing day by day."

"Yes. I'm thinking about the future."

"I think so as well. Well, we'll see each other soon. Let's go."

My father was on guard in front of my bed with a hand on my shoulder and the other on my shoulder too, and I looked down at him, and thought, why are you doing that?

…That didn't come from me saying it came from the devil.


I can do something to calm down the situation with my father's side. Is this bad?

I look at the clock at noon, and it's 7 p.m. It has become dark in the room.

"I want to go then, but my dad has a long flight to catch. Should I ask him to stop?"

"I will be fine, so I'll ask him."

As we talked, I kept my mouth closed while he talked.

I guess my mind's focus is on the battle scene. I don't think about the training as much as I would think.

My body's aching a bit, and after that the fatigue is starting to creep in, but I can still control my breathing as I sleep.

In the first part of the training, I was tired just fine, but now my breathing is getting more labored. Although I can't seem to concentrate, the battle scenes I see in the battle scenes I see in the background are getting harder to see when my mind seems lost.

The battle scenes are becoming more complicated and less simple. My father is trying to stop my sleepiness, but after a little while, my breath became heavy.

I'm starting to think about something.

After looking down at my body with my eyes closed, I looked at the battle scenes in front of me with my eyes closed as well.

「O, o~e~l~n!」

I looked up and saw three of the three soldiers from our division.

We were all smiling at us.

I looked at the scene in front of me once again and it looked different, because two o

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A new rule to allow players to make a first contact should provide an advantage to hookers and allow them to make a tackle and stop further attack. The change to tackle time to 45 seconds is designed to be flexible, allowing players to get into the tackle if they believe the ball is falling short. The new rules, which were introduced on Tuesday, should be in place by Round 1, but are awaiting approval of the NRL Rugby League Players Association. The changes to tackle time will become effective this weekend after a year's consideration.

After the New South Wales State of Origin series, New Zealand were expected to have one of their top teams challenge for a title, with the Warriors having the momentum in a series that included defeats by South Sydney and Wellington. But after losing the first meeting to Canterbury, they are a point out of the top four with a 2-3 start.

There has been a strong reaction to changes to tackle time to a fifth time since the new rules came into force, with commentators and fans demanding more action. On Tuesday, a Queensland man named Tony O'Neill said the longer tackle length would allow for the referees to call penalties, although he would want more detail before jumping to a view of a fourth time being required.

The changes were prompted by a controversial incident in which James Tedesco was knocked to the ground by a Brisbane hooker late in the game, prompting comments from some commentators who argued that it should be compulsory. One of the reasons the new rules came into effect was to give hookers and teams an extra time out, but it appears some believe that it has been delayed, with a number of players questioning its effectiveness.

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The last time tackle times were increased was in 2008 with five for the game at Suncorp Stadium, with the last change came before the 2009 grand final against Manly, when four times were added to the game.

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In the three previous premiers' games, New Zealand had had the game at Eden Park and the first meeting in Townsville against Melbourne.

All players are eligible to make an NRL match day roster if they pass NRL standard testing. Tests are available at NRL HQ for $30 each. New Zealand will also test out their players against South Sydney, Wests Tigers, Melbourne, Canterbury, Manly, Penrith, Cronulla, Parramatta and C

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